Tips to Wear Fashion Jewelry Sets For Every Season

Fashion Jewelry

While fashion jewelry sets are always welcome, and would most certainly look good on a woman, it is still important that you use the right set for every season. Much in the same way that summer clothes would look – and feel – uncomfortable during the cold seasons, fashion jewelry sets meant for summer should not be worn during the winter.

Here are some tips on what kind of fashion jewelry to wear for every season:


Spring is all about new life, freshness, and delicate pastel colored designs. This means that accessories and jewelries that would work well with the spring season must include aspects inspired by nature. Ideal designs are butterfly pendants, flower shaped earrings, wooden bangles and bracelets. Spring jewelry is perfect as companions clothing with printed floral designs.


Summer jewelries should perfectly represent the upbeat, fun, and bright atmosphere of the season it was intended for. The styles that should be used should match or at least complement the colors of the ocean and the clear blue skies. Ideal for these sets are brightly colored beaded necklaces that are a little bit on the long side, which could be enhanced with additional sterling silver chains. Sea-themed accessories are also perfect compliments, such as corals and turquoise-colored natural stones which come in the form of necklaces and earrings. In direct contrast with the appropriate clothes, summer jewelries can be heavy and bulky.


Contrary to what most people would expect, when it comes to fashion and colors, the antithesis of Summer is Autumn, when the fall season starts to wind down and the atmosphere favors warm, subdued, and deep aesthetics. While sterling silver jewelries could work in autumn, a better option would be earth-colored accessories that would not stand out and look awkward when buried beneath a blend of complimenting earth tones.


Winter seasons bring with it cold, snowy weather and the color of the environment tends to lean more towards the white spectrum. Sterling silver would look best for this season, as the sparkle of silver accessories will be reminiscent of glistening snow and ice. On the more practical side, necklaces should be on the shorter side in order to mesh well with turtlenecks, instead of drawing attention to the cleavage area (which is more often covered during the winter season)

Mix and match

Of course, jewelry sets would be a waste if you can only use them during certain parts of the year, which is why it is ideal for you to mix and match accessories, and find items that can be used and would apply to other seasons. For instance, spring jewelry that contains nature-themes would work well during the autumn, and would work well in crafting a nature/environment themed set.

On the other hand, pearl jewelry that is used for summer sets will also work and blend in well with the predominantly white-colored winter jewelries. Remember that one of the major aspects of fashion is creativity, so go all out and be creative with your jewelry sets!

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